CN: CN21-1154/TH ISSN: ISSN1002-1841.
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The Profile

  Founded in 1964, the journal of Instrument Technique and Sensor is authorized by Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R. China and Press & Publication Administration of the P.R. China. It is issued monthly.

  The journal office of Instrument Technique and Sensor is located in Shenyangwhich is the capital city of Liaoning Province, Northeast of the P.R. China. Shenyang is a Mega-city and one of the important industrial bases. It is the center of Northeast China in economy, culture, science and technology, trade, finance, and traffic, which has such advantages as superior geographic location, abundant sources, advanced traffic, self-contained functions of urban.

  The Instrument Technique and Sensor is a scientific and technical periodical facing instrument industry. With the strongest influence, the journal won the second prize of the excellent science and technology periodical awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Propaganda Department, and Press & Publication Administration ever. It is the Scientific Core Periodical of China and the Chinese Core Periodical for Class TH (about Machinery and Instrument Industry), indexed in Chinese Science Citation Database, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, and Chinese Scientific & Technical Papers Statistic, cited by Chinese Scientific and Technical Periodicals Database, English INSPEC Database, and American Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. It has become the important window for professionals to communicate each other with the fruits of scientific research and design experience, learn the technology tendency and hot information at home and abroad, and show their advanced equipments and products.


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